No. If it was still the USSR then the Central Committee would put Putin down for a screw up this big ( like they did with ol' Nikita). But it's not, and Putin just goes from one mess to the next with nothing to stop him. » 7/20/14 10:10pm Sunday 10:10pm

Excellent photography in it. The problem with it is that however you spin it, nothing happened in the Johnson County War. I've seen 3 films about it and they're all like that. Many things could have happened, but nothing really did. Really pretty country though. » 7/18/14 5:13pm Friday 5:13pm

She wasn't the murderer so much as she had a psycho girlfriend. Lots of people have had those. Still it's pretty creepy. One could think of a better line of work then plotting out murders for the rest of your life. » 6/29/14 10:59am 6/29/14 10:59am